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Truths and Lies of College

Hey guys! Welcome back. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: college is great. However, we are sometimes mislead and misguided. I know before I started college I was given so much information from high school, the media, and other sources. And yes some of it was accurate and helpful, but some of it wasn’t all that true. So here are five truths and five lies you will hear before entering college.

The Lies:

  • Professors are evil. They’re not. They’re just not. Most of them will actually care about you if you show them you are trying. Respect them and they will respect you.
  • The work is super difficult. It is a lot more, but you are paying to be there so you have to do something. And most of the classes you take will be classes you want to take, after your first year or so. So really, if you think about it, it’s not all that bad.
  • Making friends is difficult. Making friends in college is way easier than making friends in high school. Just trust me.
  • You have to party every night. Having fun in college is important, but you don’t have to party every night to experience that. It’s perfectly fine to find a nice group of friends and just watch movies or Netflix together.
  • You need a lot of stuff. You literally need clothes, shower stuff, food, toiletries, school supplies, and stuff for your bed.

The Truths:

  • There are a lot of opportunities. This is true. Especially the first coupe of weeks. You will be able to make new friends, find where things are, and get some free stuff.
  • Don’t over pack. This goes along with my last lie. You don’t really need that much stuff. And if you’re not careful you will run out of places to put things.
  • Don’t take 8 a.m. classes if you can avoid it. If you are a morning person, go for it. But if not, I say take a pass. Trust me I know from personal experience they’re not fun.
  • You won’t keep all of your friends. High school may have been great, but once you go your separate ways, that’s basically it in most cases.
  • You need to step outside of your comfort zone. This is true. You won’t make many friends if you don’t put yourself out there. Just trust your instincts.

Those are my truths and lies of college. I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Don’t forget to follow if you’re not already and I will see you next time.

Blogging In College

Hey guys! Welcome back. This is my third week back at school. I started classes almost a week ago. It’s been crazy. I underestimated just how difficult balancing work, classes, studying, and blogging would be. But I’m not ready to give up yet! I love blogging and I love interacting with my followers. I love hearing what you think and I love getting requests.

While it’s not easy, I think the rewards out weigh the struggles. Blogging is something I do as a stress reliever. I do it because I love it and I can say what I want. I get to give advice that people may not find elsewhere. And I really enjoy this. I do do this for myself, but I have come to realize that there are a few people who actually do read my blogs. If you are reading this you are probably one of those people.

I started this never thinking I would get this far. I am so surprised each day whether it’s seven people reading or fifty. I am so grateful. It makes what I do seem that much more significant and meaningful. I can’t wait to see where this takes me and how far I get.

Blogging in college can be difficult. But with a plan and goal, it is possible. You have to make time for it just like everything else. Whatever you do, don’t give up. It’s okay not to post as much or to take a break. But don’t give up completely. Stay strong.

Thank you so much for reading. Please like this and let me know if you are a college blogger as well. Yes I am absolutely trying to make blogging friends. Don’t forget to follow if you are not already. Be sure to check us out on social media and I will see you next time!

If You Think You’re Not Good Enough

Hey guys! Welcome back. We all go through low points and phases in our lives when we think we aren’t good enough. Our confidence takes a turn for the worst and we just feel stuck. But the good news is, there is a way to get out of that rut. There is a way to change your perspective and allow yourself to just live again. And yes, it really is all in your head.

The truth is, you are good enough. Whether you believe that in this moment or not doesn’t matter. I know you feel inadequate or undeserving, but it isn’t true. You can’t be so hard on yourself sometimes. You can’t tell yourself you can’t do something just because you don’t want to work for it. If you want something, get up and go after it. You don’t have to justify your life or your decisions to anyone.

You are not perfect. You are flawed. But that does not mean you’re not good enough. You have a unique set of traits and skills for a reason. You are meant to use them to the best of your ability. You can’t compare your life to someone else’s because they’re not you. They can’t do all of the things you can do and you can’t do everything they can do. You don’t have the same background. You don’t have the same job (probably). You don’t know the struggles and challenges they face. So just do you.

Stop thinking you aren’t good enough. Stop thinking you can’t. Stop thinking about how ridiculous you are going to look. Just do it. If it’s something you want, work hard and you can have it. No one is likely going to do it for you. It’s your life and it’s all up to you. But you have to have the motivation and desire to get there. If not, you’re just a person with dreams. Make those dreams goals and you’re already halfway there.

You are good enough. I know you hear this all the time, but it’s true. Life is going to knock you down. People are going to get in your way. You’re going to fail and struggle and want to give up. But you have to remember that there is only one you in the world. And that’s all the world needs. The world needs you exactly as you are. Flaws included. So don’t give up just because you hit a bump.

You are not your insecurities. You are better and more capable than you give yourself credit for. It’s Monday. The start of a brand new week. So get up, get out there, and start fighting for what you want. Make things happen. That should be your goal. Make your dreams a reality.

You are who you are, not who others label you to be. What other people think isn’t nearly as important as what you think. You are more than what people see. You are a human being with feelings and ambitions. You are just as deserving as every other person in the world for a chance at success. But you can’t have it if you give up. You can’t have it if you let others bring you down. It’s not up to them. It’s not their life. It’s yours.

In a world full of darkness, struggle, abuse, and hate there are people who love you. There are people who want to see you succeed. Those people want to see your dreams come true. They want you to be happy because they care about you. They know your worth and your value even on the days when you can’t see it yourself. Go to those people in your times of need. Go to them for support and encouragement.

You are not last. In someone’s life you are a priority. In your life you should be a priority. You deserve to get what you want. Believe that and you will go far. Find people who love you and support you and nothing is impossible. You won’t always succeed. You won’t always be completely happy. But if you work hard and do your best you will live a pretty great life. You are good enough.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this or at least found it inspiring. Please like it if you did. Let me know any requests you have in the comments. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you are not already and I will see you next time!

Weekly Preview (8/21-8/27)

Hey guys! Welcome back. It’s time for the Weekly Preview. Next week should be pretty good, so let me know what you are most looking forward to. Also, I know last week there were a couple of days where my posts were late and I apologize for that. This week should be better.

Monday 8/21–If You Think You’re Not Good Enough Monday’s are all about motivating and inspiring. And I think one of the things many of us struggle with is not feeling good enough. So this post is all about how to deal with that and more.

Tuesday 8/22–Blogging in College This post is coincidentally all about blogging in college. It consists of why I do it, how I do it, when I do it, and what I blog about. This will be especially helpful if you are new to blogging, new to college, or both.

Wednesday 8/23–Advice for My Fellow Introverts I am an introvert and unashamed. But it can be difficult, especially in college. So I have some advice on how to manage, how to still get what you want, and how to make some friends.

Thursday 8/24–Writing Is the Best Therapy This is bout why I write and how far I have come because of writing.

Friday 8/25–Kathleenlights She is another YouTube superstar that I love watching. Also I will be posting my Monthly Favorites on this day. I won’t have many, but spoiler there is a new TV show.

Saturday 8/26–My Biggest Piece of Relationship Advice Honestly I don’t know what this is going to be. When I scheduled this I guess I figured I would figure it now.

Sunday 8/27–Weekly/Monthly Preview I can’t believe September is almost here. That means Fall is pretty close. I am so excited because I hate this hot, humid weather. I want to be chilled. Anyway I will do the regular Weekly Preview on this day, as well as the preview for September.

And that’s it for this one. There will probably be a few random posts throughout the week per usual. But I hope you enjoyed this. If you did please like this post so I know to keep doing them. Don’t forget to follow before you leave and I will see you next time!

Cleaning My Dorm: Tips&Tricks

Hey guys! Welcome back. I wanted to write something a little different. I know a lot of people do something similar to this, so I wanted to do one of my own. This will be especially helpful if you are or will be living in a dorm. They are small, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to clean and keep organized and tidy. Here is how I clean (my side) of my dorm room.

  1. Make the bed. The first thing I do in the morning is make my bed. It’s super simple, but makes the room look super put together.
  2. Take out the trash. My trash sometimes accumulates at various speeds. Some days I have a lot of it, some days I don’t have any. It just depends on what I’m doing. But I generally just take it out when it’s full.
  3. Contain the laundry. Put your clean clothes away. Don’t leave them in a basket beside your bed. Put them up. Your room will look so much better. Put your dirty clothes in the basket. My worst habit is throwing my clothes in the floor when I take them off and not putting them in the basket where they belong.
  4. Put things away. I usually have miscellaneous items lying around that I forget to put away. Things like makeup, pens, papers, and things like that. So when I’m cleaning I put these things away.
  5. Wipe down surfaces. We have a sink in our room so I clean this regularly. I also wipe down my desk.
  6. Sweep floor. This is the thing I sometimes forget to do. I don’t know why.

And that’s it for my cleaning tips and tricks. I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Don’t forget to follow before you leave and I will see you next time!

Why You Should Move In Together When You Are Ready

Hey guys! Welcome back. I think when it comes to relationships we all have different opinions and expectations. And not everyone is okay with that. Some people have the idea that we should all think and behave a certain way. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships. However, what’s important to remember is that you relationship and how it progresses is up to you and your partner. Not the standards that society has set and how others see it.

The truth is, if you move in one month after you start seeing each other or it takes six years, it doesn’t matter. People and relationships move at different speeds. There is nothing wrong with how or when you do it, as long as it’s what both of you want. You shouldn’t let people say things like, “you’ve been together so long, you should be living together” or “you should really wait until you are married to live together”. That’s not anyone else’s decision. Don’t let other’s opinions influence this critical, life-changing decision. Just be open and honest with one another.

You’re always going to be nervous. And there is no shame in going to others and seeking advice. But it is ultimately your decision. It is a scary thought. You are taking on a big commitment and it might not work out. But you have to take that leap of faith and trust yourself and your partner. Nothing is scarier than sharing a space with someone if you don’t know if it will work out. But you shouldn’t let that keep you from trying..

Living together isn’t a substitution for marriage. However, you don’t need to be married to live together, especially if you’re not sure if it will work out. If you already spend a great deal of time together and spend the night regularly it may be time to just close the deal. You will always be scared. It’s natural and means that you understand how big of a commitment this is. But if it’s right, you will know it and you will feel it. So just do it.

That’s all I have for this one. Thank you so much for reading. Let me know what else you would like to see. Please like this if you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to follow before you will leave and I will see you next time!

Taylor Swift

Hey guys! Welcome back. It’s Friday which means I get to do another Friday Favorites video. But before that I want you all to comment below some of your favorite things. Food, music, books, beauty products, movies, TV shows, hobbies, etc. One of these Fridays I want to compile all of your posts (anonymously) into a Friday Favorites post. So comment below and let me know.

But today is dedicated to Taylor Swift. Some people love her, some people hate her. Regardless she’s got a lot going for her. And in light of everything going against her, here are some of my favorite Taylor Swift songs. Disclaimer: There are a lot.

Picture to Burn

Tim McGraw

Should’ve Said No

Mary’s Song

Teardrops On My Guitar

Our Song




White Horse

Bad Blood

You Belong With Me

Love Story

I Knew You Were Trouble


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Everything Has Changed

Back to December


Safe and Sound


Begin Again



Sparks Fly

The Story of Us

All Too Well


Forever and Always

Long Live

Last Kiss


The Last Time

The Moment I Knew

Girl At Home


Holy Ground

I Almost Do

Speak Now


Come back…Be Here

Stay Stay Stay


A Place In This World

You’re Not Sorry

Never Grow Up

The Best Day

Cold As You





Sweeter Than Fiction

I Heart ?

Permanent Marker

Stay Beautiful

Eyes Open

The Outside


And that’s it. Well honestly there’s probably more, but that’s all I could think of. I hope you enjoyed this. Please be sure to like it if you did. Let me know what you’re favorite Taylor Swift song(s) are. Don’t forget to follow if you are not already and I will see you next time!

Why You Shouldn’t Let Go of the Past

Hey guys! Welcome back. Our past, no matter how good or bad it may seem, is a part of who we are. It’s sometimes messy, it sometimes makes us feel a little insecure, and at times we wish it were different. Nonetheless, it helped shape us and make us who we are. We study history for a reason. We learn about what came before us for a reason. In order to understand who we are and what our significance is, we must take a look back at the past.

Your past is defining and significant. It may not be perfect, but it does mean something. Like it or not, the person you are today is in a big way a part of where you came from. This may not be easy to accept, but it’s true. Who you are is shaped by those around you, the choices you have made, and the things you have learned. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone struggles. That’s what sets us apart from the rest of the world. We are accountable for these mistakes.

Your past is your story. When you tell someone abut yourself the past comes up. When you reminisce with people you know you tell stories. It’s always a topic of interest. Where did you come from? What did you do? How did you do? Why did you do it? All questions about the past.

You can’t forget about the past and you shouldn’t try. That’s not to say you should try living there. At some point you have to move on. But to say “forget the past” is to be misleading. You must learn from it. You have to grow and develop as a person and the best way to do that is study your past. What are some mistakes you made? What could you have done differently? Where did you go wrong? These may be tough questions, but to answer them fully and honestly is to allow yourself to grow and change.

Learning from your past and remembering it will make you a better person. You will understand who you are and what you want so much more. It may require some digging, but at the end of the day you will have so much more insight. So don’t choose to try and forget about it. Learn from it.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Please like it if you did. Don’t forget to follow if you’re not already and I will see you next time!

Tips for Surviving College

Hey guys! Welcome back. For some of you college has started and for others it will be soon. If it’s your first time I have a few tips for you (even if it’s not your first time) that I think will help. But I want to make a small, yet significant point. College is not just about surviving. It’s also about thriving. So here are 15 tips to help you do just that.

1. Go to all orientations. For some schools they are mandatory. But if they’re not, I recommend going anyway. It’s super fun and you learn a lot. There is usually a club fair, some information seminars, and things like that. It’s a good way to meet people around campus as well.

2. Get to know people in your residence hall. This is a great way to make friends. Even if it’s just one person.

3. Get organized. I absolutely cannot stress this enough. If you haven’t already go out right now and by a planner. It will save your life. I swear. This is one thing that will save you from stressing out way more than you need to.

4. Find the ideal place to study. This is also essential to your success. If you find that you can’t study in your dorm without getting distracted, go somewhere else. But don’t force yourself to sit in the library either. Try outside or in your residence hall’s lobby.

5. Go to class. This shouldn’t have to be here, but some people think they can not go to class and still make it. And in some instances this may be true. You may pass the class. But college is all about learning and growing. And if you’re not going to class are you learning?

6. Meet with your professors. Your professors will help you if you allow them to. It’s part of their job.

7. Get to know your academic advisor. Ask questions. Get to know them. Let them know if you are struggling. They are there to help you succeed.

8. Seek a balance. College is a lot. There’s a lot of work, a lot of papers, a lot of tests and projects, presentations. There are campus events, club meetings, residence life things. You have to eat, sleep shower, partake in social events, get your work done, and still keep your sanity. It’s a lot. Make a routine. Trust me. It helps.

9. Get involved on campus. There are plenty of clubs and other things that you can do. And regardless of all you have to do, getting involved is super important. It’s where friendships are made, you have fun, and you more than likely do some good.

10. Strive for good grades. If you strive for them, they will come. It won’t always be easy. But the end result will make it all worth it. Work hard and good things are destined to happen. Don’t sell yourself short just because you son’t want to try.

11. Make time for you. Find a hobby. Read a book. Watch TV. Find something that makes you happy and takes your mind off of things for a while. Let yourself relax.

12. Don’t make any hasty decisions about your career or major. You have plenty of time to figure it out. You don’t want to end up doing the wrong thing. Don’t be afraid to change your mind several times. You will end up happy. Don’t think you have to stick to one thing. Let yourself explore your options. You may be surprised.

13. Don’t procrastinate; prioritize your life. I procrastinate way more than I should. But I’m working to get better at prioritizing. My biggest piece of advice is to have a routine. Make it your own. But make sure you are prioritizing.

14. Don’t cut corners. This goes back to working hard. Don’t cheat. Don’t push everything off and cram. Do your best. Give it all you have. Your efforts will be rewarded.

15. Be prepared to feel overwhelmed. You will feel this. There will be stress and pressure. You will get bombarded with reading and tests. Papers, projects, presentations. It’s all coming and it’s all coming at once. So be prepared.

That’s it for this one! I hope you enjoyed it. Please like it if you did. Don’t forget to follow before you leave and I will see you next time!

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