My Current Morning Rituals

Hi friends! Welcome back. I hope you are having a great day so far. I was feeling inspired, so I decided to sit down and write this blog post instead of waiting until this afternoon. I wanted to share my morning rituals with you guys. These are things I do every morning, pretty much always in this order. It’s not really a routine because I’m not really going in depth on what I do and all the little things like getting ready for the day, but it’s more just a general idea of the things I do in the morning to get started with my day.

Make my bed.

Making my bed with a cat can be challenging at times, but since I moved my bed to the middle of the wall rather than in the corner it is much easier to make my bed. It helps me start the day on a productive note and prevents the urge to crawl back into bed once I’m up. I’m not always the most motivated or productive in the morning because I’m never really been a morning person, but this helps me make sure I’m at least accomplishing one small thing.

Drink some water.

I drink water while I’m getting ready for the day. It’s no secret that drinking water is super important throughout the day, and especially in the morning after not having any all night. So I try to drink water while I’m doing everything else and just getting ready to start the day. I know if I start with water I’m more likely to keep drinking it throughout the day.

Eat breakfast.

Sometimes I have coffee and sometimes I don’t, but I try to have some kind of breakfast every morning. I know I feel really bad and hungry if I don’t get something in my system before heading out for the day, so I try to have something even if it’s small. I also just really enjoy breakfast and breakfast foods so I don’t mind getting up a little earlier to have something to eat because it motivates to wake up.

Bible study and journal.

This has become one of my favorite parts of the day. I love sitting down, reading my Bible, and journaling before I start working or talking to anyone else. Spending time with God before I spend time with anyone else really helps with my anxiety and helps remind me of all the good things in my life. And journaling naturally comes with that because I’m already sitting at my desk and it’s just nice to be able to get some thoughts out before starting with the day.

Morning walk.

Now that the weather is nicer outside (on the days it’s not raining), I like to go outside for a walk in the morning. Sometimes it’s not very long, but even just a 10-15 minute walk does a lot of good. Mentally, physically, and emotionally it just really helps me get the fresh air and sunshine I need.

And that’s it! Those are my morning rituals. These are honestly some of my absolute favorite things to do in general and starting my day with them really helps me make sure I am starting the day on the right foot and enjoying the morning hours before heading into work. Thank you so much for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what your morning rituals are. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I will chat with you soon!

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