Welcome to my blog! I hope this is finding you well. I am so happy you found my page. Love, Geeky Girl is a blog for college students in search of basically anything. From life, to school, to music, to my crazy random thoughts you can find almost anything here. I plan to post everyday (well most days). This is as much for me as it is for you. So I hope you enjoy! Happy reading!

Setup Sundays- Sundays will be the preview of the week. It will be where I plan all of my posts for the week. It’s where you can check in and see what you will want to read and what you are looking forward to.

Motivational Mondays- Everyone needs a boost on Mondays! On these days I will write something encouraging or inspirational to help you get started on the right foot.

Tips and Tricks Tuesday- This will basically be my posts about beauty, college, and life hacks that I have learned. It’s super laid back.

Wise Words Wednesdays- On Wednesdays I will post advice or how-to articles. Whatever I’m feeling for the day.

Tidbit Thursday- On these days I will post a random thought or reflection. These could be really short or really long. Who knows?

Freedom Friday- On Fridays I will go in-depth on obsessions (new and old), current favorites, makeup I’m loving, and anything else I feel like discussing.

Say Something Saturday- Honestly there is no telling. This will probably be about one of the latest topics I want to weigh in on.

On the last Friday of the month I will discuss my monthly favorites. Music, makeup, TV shows, food, etc.

On the last Thursday I will do a monthly reflection.

On the last Sunday I will preview the upcoming month in addition to that next week.

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