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Life Update–Finals, Can’t Sleep, Blogmas, and More

Hey guys! Welcome back. It is currently 2:06 a.m. here in small town, Kentucky. I am currently not sleeping because in less than six hours I have my last final of the semester. But more on that later. I thought I would hop on here and give you guys a little life update because they seem to be mildly popular. I hope you all are having a good week. If you are feeling the stress of finals let me know in the comments. And if you are I wish you the best of luck.

I had four finals this week. My last one is in just a few hours. Finals have never really stressed me out before because I’m pretty good about studying and keeping up with what I need to be doing. Plus I work really well under pressure (or at least I think I do). But this semester was different. I had harder classes, which was expected, but it got really tricky as finals week approached.

Which leads me to why I am still awake. I have major anxiety. Not because of the test, but because of the time in which the exam takes place. 8:00 in the freaking morning!!!! Not the best time to be taking a test. I also had one yesterday morning at 8 a.m. I almost overslept. Well I did oversleep, but luckily I made it in time. Out of fear that I will miss the test, I chose not sleeping. Not a good idea, I know, but I can’t risk missing the test. So I will sleep tomorrow night. And pretty much all of next week because I can.

On a lighter note, Blogmas is going really well. I have gained so many followers and supporters and I thank all of you for joining the community. I am so glad that you are all here. I look forward to interacting with you as time goes on. Always feel free to comment on any of my posts. Any questions, comments, etc. that you may have. I love hearing from all of you are getting to know you.

I am looking forward to this week being over. Mostly because I want to sleep. But also, Christmas. It is my favorite holiday and my favorite time of year. I look forward to it the most. I hope you all enjoy your Christmases (of that’s a word). I am looking forward to a new year, and a new semester with all of you. Thank you all for the support you have shown this far. Don’t forget about my Q&A that I am doing on December 23rd. Right now, we have one question. So please, please, please ask questions. You can ask more than one. Let’s make this a really big Q&A.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Comment below any requests you have from me for Blogmas or otherwise. Don’t forget to follow if you are not already and I hope to see you next time!



Blogmas Day Six

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today’s post is my beauty product wish list. There are quite a few thing I wish for, so this should be fun. Let me know in the comments what you are wanting for Christmas or what is on your wish list.

The TooFaced Chocolate Bar Palette.

The Sephora Pro Palette (any or all of them).

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette

The TooFaced Better Than Sex Macara

SmashBox Primer Water

SmashBox Highlighter Palette in Pearl

The Jaclyn Hill Palette from Morphe

New brushes

I know this may not seem like a lot, but trust me it is. Let me know if you have tried any of these items. Also, don’t forget about the Q&A. Ask your questions! It will be on December 23rd (Day 23).

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Don’t forget to follow if you are not already and I hope to see you next time!

Blogmas Day Five

Hey guys! Welcome back. Those of you who have been around for a while may know that I love makeup and all things beauty related. So today’s Blogmas post is my must have Holiday beauty products. Don’t forget to share your in the comments below and enjoy today’s post!

The first thing I think is important is to have a really nice red lip product. It’s a classic.

Another is some white eye shadow that is super bold and stands out. It goes with everything.

Some great mascara or false lashes.

A moisturizer because it’s winter and probably cold.

Some classic, simple jewelry.

Blue or red nails.

A soft blush, so your cheeks don’t overpower the rest of your makeup.

An intense highlight because you want to glow.

A Christmas sweater (ugly or not) for Christmas Eve.

A nice outfit for Christmas Day.

A mug filled with some kind of hot beverage because why not?

And that’s it for this one. I’m sorry it was super short, but how much more description do you really need? I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Don’t forget to follow if you are not already and I hope to see you next time!

Eight Ways College Changed Me

Hey guys! Welcome back. College is hard, but I am a firm believer that it is worth it. Sure there are some day that I don’t think I can handle it anymore, but I power through and come out stronger than ever College has been the best thing to ever happen to me and I thought I would share how it changed me and why it matters.

1. I learned independence. This wasn’t really a struggle for me. I mean I’ve never been super dependent on anyone. But college taught me that it’s okay to do things by yourself. Most of my afternoons and evenings are spent alone. I have learned that I really enjoyed eating alone. I study alone and everything. I don’t mind being independent. I’m not completely independent, but I’m getting there.

2. I take charge. I don’t always, but when the right opportunity comes along, I take charge. Typically in group projects or presentations. I tend to volunteer to go first because I hate going after other people and having to wait. I started a club in college which is something I never anticipated doing. I took charge of my own life which was refreshing to say the least.

3. I figured out who the important people are. You can’t be friends with everyone and you shouldn’t try. Not everyone who comes into your life will stay. Not everyone is fit to be in your life and you are not fit for everyone else. College has taught me who the important people are and who I should hold on to.

4. I learned that most people don’t know. Most people have no idea what they are doing, what they want to do, or where they are going. I am not alone in my struggle to figure out my life or my plan. It’s not a requirement. At some point I’ll have to figure it out, but for now it’s all open.

5. I became more aware of money. I still don’t manage it very well, but I know more about it now. I can figure things out more easily and I plan it the best I can. Money is tricky and if you’re not careful you’ll never have any.

6. I came out of my “shell”. I was always a shy quiet person. College brought me out of that. I learned what I was comfortable with and what I enjoyed. I learned about myself and who I want to become. College opened so many doors for me.

7. I became better at small talk. I’m still not the best, but in college you have to participate in small talk several times. So naturally, you get better at it.

8. I learned not to give a crap. College taught me that no one really cares what you look like or where you are from. No one cares how much money you have or what kind of car you have or don’t have. I learned not to obsess over things no one is paying attention to.

That’s it! Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Comment down below some things college has taught you. Don’t forget to follow if you are not already and I hope to see you next time!

Blogmas Day Four

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I am going to share my favorite blogs of 2017. I am not including any of my followers because I don’t want to show favorites. Just know that I love all of your blogs and support them 100%. All of the blogs included are those I have found along the way. 2017 has been an excellent year and so much inspiration has come from these sites.

Chase the Write Dream–I love this blog. It’s about college and young adult life.

Honestlyhannahblog– This is another great one.

HerCampus– Most of us have heard of this. It’s more of a website than a blog, but it’s still great. Definitely worth checking out if you are a college/young lady. There is even stuff for high school girls.

Justpeachyblog– This blog is just peachy.

Lifeasadare– This is a blog I stumbled upon before I started my own. It was one of my inspirations to start blogging.

MostlyMorgan–This is another blog that I just adore. She is so inspiring.

Unwritten– I actually write for this site, so go check it out.

Society19–Another site, but it’s amazing. So mush inspiration can come from here!

These are my favorites. Definitely go check them out! Thank you so much for reading this and making Blogmas a continued success. I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Comment your favorite blogs down below. Don’t forget to follow if you are not already and I hope to see you next time!

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Blogmas Day Three

Hey guys! Welcome back. It’s the third day of Blogmas and my list gave to me–a Christmas playlist. So you guys are getting my Christmas playlist today. Keep in mind that I habitually listen to Christmas music, so this is not my entire playlist, but just the ones that I love the most.

  • “Do You Hear What I Hear”–Carrie Underwood.
  • “Where are you Christmas?”–Faith Hill
  • “Joy to the World”
  • “Little Drummer Boy”
  • “Go Tell It On The Mountain”
  • “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” (Nostalgia hits me hard here)
  • “Let It Snow” (Not to be confused with “Let It Go”)
  • “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”
  • “Santa Baby”
  • Let It Be Christmas”
  • “Christmas Don’t Be Late”
  • “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
  • “O Holy Night”
  • Christmas Must Be Something More”–Taylor Swift
  • “Jingle Bells” (Nothing gets you in the Christmas Spirit quite like this tune.)

Those are my all time favorite Christmas songs. Feel free to share yours below. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know if you would like a list of my all time favorite songs. Don’t forget to follow if you are not already and I hope to see you next time!

Tips for Finals Week

Hey guys! Welcome back. Finals week for me begins on Monday, so I thought I would share a few tips. This is my fourth semester of finals, so here are a few things I have picked up along the way.

1. Eat breakfast. I know it sounds cliche, but taking tests and studying is rather difficult on an empty stomach. Doing anything is uncomfortable on an empty stomach. So eat breakfast to make sure you stay on top of your game.

2. Get some sleep. Another super obvious one that you probably hear all the time, but again, it’s true. It does you know good to be so exhausted you can’t remember anything. It also does you know good, if worse than forgetting what you have learned and studied, you oversleep and actually miss the final. Go to sleep!!!

3. Don’t cram. Separate it out into reasonable sections. Start early and allocate plenty of time to study. Don’t try to refresh your memory one hour before the exam. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to devote to everything.

4. Don’t spend all of your time studying. You will get bored and zone out. Don’t force yourself to sit there and keep going. Take a break. Go for a walk. Clear your head.

5. Stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water beside you so you can hydrate. Don’t try to depend on caffeinated drinks. Drink water. It will do more for you.

6. Make a study schedule. Know when you will study for each class and stick to it. This will ensure that you actually study and that you have a plan.

7. Rewrite your notes. I know this sounds boring, but it is something that helps me more than anything. It is something I 100% guarantee works. You are more likely to find things that you are missing if you rewrite them.

8. Quiz yourself. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to figure out what you need to spend the most time studying.

9. Take deep breaths. Breathe and remember that you can and will do this. Don’t stress too much. You are in complete control of these exams.

10. Celebrate. Once it is all over celebrate your successes. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishes. Continue to push yourself and work hard and nothing can stop you from making your dreams come true!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this or found it helpful in some way. Please like it if you did. Good luck on all of your finals if you still have them. Comment below any tips you have that I didn’t mention that could be helpful to someone else. Don’t forget to follow if you are not already and I hope to see you next time!


Blogmas Day Two

Hey guys! Welcome back to Blogmas! It’s day two, so I thought it might be fun to do a Christmas Tag. There are so many different ones out there so I just picked the one I liked the most. Before we get started I wanted to let you know that I am doing a Holiday Season Q&A. So comment your questions below and look for further info on when that is coming. Let’s get started!

1. What is your favorite Christmas Tradition? Going to my Grandmother’s house (we also do this on Thanksgiving).

2. Where do you spend Christmas? My house/my grandmother’s house.

3. What is your favorite Christmas Song? “Do you hear what I hear?”

4. Do you decorate before or after Thanksgiving? After.

5. Tinsel or garland? Garland.

6. Who are you most excited to see this Christmas season? I’m not sure. I just saw everyone for Thanksgiving. But I guess I would say my sister.

7. Do you own an ugly Christmas sweater? I only own one Christmas sweater and it has Snoopy on it. I don’t think it’s ugly.

8. What is one Christmas food you cannot live without? I don’t really have one.

9. Peppermint or gingerbread? Both. I love both.

10. Have you ever tried fruit cake? Not to my knowledge.

11. What is one thing you asked for this Christmas? A Sephora gift card.

12. If you could be any Christmas movie character, who would you be? Believe it or not, I do not have an answer for this question I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Please like it if you did. Comment your questions for the Q&A below. Don’t forget to follow if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

Blogmas Day One-My Christmas Wishlist

Hey guys! Welcome back. I am so glad we get to welcome in December together. This is the first post of Blogmas this year, so let me know if you enjoy it! Also, if you are doing Blogmas this year link your blog in the comments so we can all check it out. Today’s post is going to be my Christmas Wishlist. I hope you enjoy.

  1. The Sephora Pro Editorial Palette
  2. Any makeup really
  3. Money
  4. New school supplies
  5. Laundry Money
  6. Apples to Apples
  7. Cards Against Humanity
  8. Socks
  9. A new laptop
  10. A mini fridge
  11. New Luggage
  12. A yoga mat
  13. Clothes
  14. The Sephora Pro Warm Palette
  15. Gilmore Girl Memorabilia (T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.)
  16. An ITunes gift card.

That’s basically my entire list. There are some expensive items, but it’s not like I will get most of these things. That you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed our first day of Blogmas. Please like it if you did. It helps know that you want me to continue. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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